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Boost Your Brand with Launch Event Spaces Like No Other

Snazzy launch event spaces are a necessity in a business-scape where ordinary doesn’t cut it. For this reason, the Wonderland Venues collection of ritzy tipi venues in selected elegant locations set the stage for the unconventional.

Tailored for the discerning corporate event planner, Marketing Manager, event management company and PR agency, our approach is 100% professional yet shamelessly sassy. Because, why settle for launch event spaces that blend in when you need to stand out?

Generate More
Buzz Per Buck

Perhaps you’re introducing a groundbreaking product, kickstarting a new business venture, or opening a regional HQ. Whatever your reason, the goal is universal: to make the highest possible impact.

Trust us, your launch event will literally blast off when you host it in a forest glade, manor house gardens, or amidst rolling English countryside. Why? Because our spectacular settings can:

  • Create a lasting brand impression
  • Generate buzz
  • Amplify your brand voice
  • Boost sales
  • Expand your customer base
to Dominate

You’re probably planning to ignite impact with interactive presentations and immersive demos. This is where your product of service’s story is told, and its value proposition shines. These moments are for connecting, answering questions, and accelerating the path to purchase.

We understand you might be wondering about state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and support in our unique, offbeat launch event spaces. But rest assured, we’ve anticipated everything. Our venues are equipped with all the digitised capabilities you’d expect in the heart of the city, ensuring your event hits the sweet spot, in a superior setting, without compromise.

Tailormade for Transformation

Our tipi-based launch event spaces are the perfect backdrops to demonstrate your innovation, sustainability, or corporate responsibility. So, why not choose a venue mirroring your environmental credentials and commitment to the future? It’s a thought-provoking way to transform your event from a launch to a statement of purpose.

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