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This is for the Event Organiser Who Wants Different, Standout Corporate Party Venues

Today’s exponential range of corporate party venues can all roll into one. In fact, the perfect place can be hard to come by when you’re keen to step outside the conventional box. Welcome to the world of Wonderland Venues, where breathtaking outdoor spaces morph into mind-blowing corporate party venues.

A Playground For
Your Vision

Fed up settling for the same old same old? Try our tipi venues instead, for the ultimate in event creativity, including, for example:

  • Festival vibes
  • Circus extravaganzas
  • Carnival flair
  • Focus on sustainability

From fairground rides to bespoke branded stage sets, the answer is yes. So, don’t you think it’s time to get with the programme? Because these corporate party venues are as future forward as your company vision.

Join the Corporate Festivalisation Movement

Tipis are the epitome of this growing event trend, offering vibrant and versatile hubs of activity, entertainment, and engagement. What’s more, the authentic festival look and feel creates an electrifying atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression on your key stakeholders.

Style Meets Sustainability

Our inspirational corporate party venues deeply resonate with event organisers in an era where green is the new black. And here’s why:

  • Serene, rural settings support and promote workplace wellbeing, resulting in less absenteeism and more output
  • Reduction in carbon emissions
  • Alignment with your organisation’s overall sustainability strategies

At the end of the day, a tipi event at a unique, eco-friendly venue demonstrates your commitment to a greener future, without compromising on all the bells and whistles of a luxe corporate party.

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